What the world needs now are leaders who have mastered the art and craft of communication and conflict resolution.


If you want to be an exemplary leader, then this ebook is for you!


Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, are in a family firm, a forceful entrepreneur, or a newbie just starting your work life you will be in a winning position once you learn these five vital lessons to take the OUCH from frustrating conversations.


Master the following lessons for work relationships and take them home. They work equally well in every setting, work, home, community. Once you learn to follow these ground rules you win and everyone around you will win also.

  • Learn what habits you should form to become a stronger leader and lead more positively.
  • Why it is important to be positive and to influence others in a way that is very sustainable. .
  • how to listen effectively and respond appropriately.
  • What do you do when someone says something that makes you want to go over and choke them.
  • How to tart new ways of communicating and stop the office politics from spreading like a virus through the office..

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