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Change is YOU react makes the difference

You will be able to...

  • Session 1:  Core Exercises

    In this module you are offered an overview of how emotions are the drivers in life with exercises to help you gain clarity about what really matters to give your life meaning and contentment.

  • Session 2: Observe

    In this module you will learn to look at your life from the balcony. Here you can make observations of your spontaneous behavior in various situations. You get clues to where you are stuck so you can get unstuck.

  • Session 3:  Understand

    In this module you learn to become a “psychological deep-sea diver” to find the precious pearls, long buried, that only belong to you. Then you bring these treasures of new understanding back make your life more joyful.    

  • Session 4:  Transform

    In this module you put the puzzle pieces  together using the Stress Flex System. You’re now a pro. No whining or  complaining during  tough times. You can live life with intention and comfort as a highly respected leader.

Check Out These Great Bonuses:

Workshop:  Give Change a Chance


How often does change occur in your business? How do you prepare for change, or do you have a plan?


This educational workshop will help you lead the different personality types within your organization, through all the changes that are inevitable.

Workshop:  Transforming Conflict to Collaboration


High performing teams and families are always able to debate, disagree and dispute.


Be able to listen to divergent points of view to make better decisions.


Manage the emotional climate of your team (or family) and  healthy listening and talking boundaries


Gotcha!  Resolving Conflict at Work


Can you remember the first time you were a participant in the the Gotcha’ Game?  


Leaders who know what to look for can stop GOTCHA in its tracks, build trust and foster collaboration that leads to loyalty and team accountability. More effective communication leads to less office politics.


79 Power Sentences: Boost Your Presence


The most powerful sentences you can use to transform the way people respond to you and impact your life and theirs for the better.


These sentences will help you tackle conflict without anger,  emphasize belief in yourself and find the words that you need to change minds quickly!

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